Friday, July 29, 2011

Growing History

Here is my entry for Take A Word weekly challenge 'Sepia' .  Sepia to me takes on a historic idea.  I decided to use that to bridge the past (in color) with the present (in sepia).  Enjoy!

These images are all my own, my daughter picking flowers from our garden.  The peonies are a family hand-me-down.  They are from my mother-in-law's  Great Aunt Kate.  My mother in law is named  after her great aunt, and Katie is named after her grandmother.  The bush has been handed down from Great Aunt Kate, to my husband's grandmother, to my mother-in-law and now to me.  I hope to hand it down to my daughter as well.


  1. Very pretty card. I like the sentiment. It is interesting that you can take a photo and change it so much. I like the grow too. How did you do that? Keep up the gooood work. Beth

  2. I love the history you have put into your card, and the past and present with colour and sepia. I am sure this will become a lovely part of your family history.

  3. Beth, to 'write' the words and the edging I took a piece of goldish/green (close to sepia as I could come) mulberry paper. I tore it in a spiral pattern so I had a long, thin strip of paper. I rolled that until I had a soft, loose cord that was easy to manipulate. I applied it with tacky glue.