Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Soar" music box - work in progress

Here is my entry in the "wings" challenge from http://inspiration-avenue-team.blogspot.com/ and the 'flight' challenge from  http://takeaword.blogspot.com/.  It is still a work in progress but I have all of the element put together.  It will be another music box, but I need to find the right feet for the box and finish mounting the musical movement.  I am not going to be doing too much art for this week.  A dear friend of mine lost her second child in a tragic accident.  Pray for Loren Hazen's friend and family as they try to come to terms with this loss.  No mother should have to burry 2 of her children.


  1. How intriguing! Can't wait to see the music box when you finish with it!

  2. Wow, how creative! I love music boxes!

  3. What a beautiful and unique creation- simply stunning colors and elements! So glad I stopped by!

  4. Fantastic project, looks fabulous.

  5. Stunning music box! A very beautiful entry for this week's IA 'Wings' theme. Gorgeous!

    My thoughts go out to your friend.

    Kat X

  6. What a beautiful unique music box. My prayers for your friend in this tragic time in her life. I pray God gives you the music in your heart to help you keep your friend lifted up ~* "No one knows a Mother's sorrow, but only a true friend can help her through tomorrow".
    You are a friend with WINGS!

  7. Your music box is amazing- I love how creative it is!
    And my thoughts prayers are with you and your friend- such a heartbreaking loss.

  8. I came over from Inspiration Avenue and love your entry. It may not be finished but it sure looks like it will be amazing. My prayers are with your friend during this trying time.