Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dreaming of Einstein

Here is my entry for Three Muses Zetti challenge.  I've never even heard of Zetti before, I just thought it was a hairy mountain monster!  After some looking I discovered what Zetti is - challenging!  Here I used the same image of Albert Einstein that I used for the steampunk challenge and make a background.  From there everything else kind of came together.  Thanks for pushing me to try something new WAY outside of my comfort zone!


  1. I like your Einstein zetti! (I think the hairy mountain monster is a Yeti, by the way). The challenges that take us out of our comfort zones are good for us, I think. Thanks for joining us at Three Muses this week!

  2. Yeti, zetti, ha ha, you did a great job on Mr Einstein, my friend and I'm happy that you stuck it out, even though it was challenging. Bravo.

  3. Well done, you! Einstein never looked so good!